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A-Team Puzzles and Some Rhymes

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

See if you can figure out the general theme in the following sentence puzzles.

  1. Most children around three years old have learned that you can't put a square peg into a round hole.

  2. Is it necessary to use a toll bridge to get to the atoll?

  3. He noticed a scent of ozone during his ascent of Mount Everest.

  4. The difference between an astronomer and a chemist a studying an asteroid versus studying a steroid.

  5. Do poets still amuse themselves with stories of how a muse inspired their writing?

Rhyming words are bolded in the following sentences from Mensa's One-Minute Brainteasers.

  1. His last session with his shrink (psychiatrist) covered modes of expression of aggression.

2. The Lone Ranger told Tonto he needed to to get to Toronto pronto.

3. She was a firm believer having a Labrador Retriever kept her from getting cabin fever.

4. The majority of executives with seniority are careful not to misuse their authority.

5. The lecturer's topic was how he became myopic after crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

6. What are the chances of getting Sukiyaki and Rocky Road ice cream at a hockey game?

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