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Brain Games 6/16

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The Book of IQ Tests Test 15 #21

1. Which word is the odd one out?






2. Test 13 #40

What is the meaning of ideology?

a. idolatry

b. trade

c. beliefs

d. ideals

e. commerce

3. Test 25 #31 with a modification

What is the meaning of sophistry?

a. wisdom

b. trick

c. righteousness

d. selfishness

e. carelessness

4. Which words belongs to this group?

Carapace, Garaged, Navigator, Catamaran

a. Flotation

b. Murrain

c. Elevator

d. Distillation

Test 8 #23

5. Which word will carry on the sequence?

Half-mast, Taverner, Riparian, Nobility, Yuletide, ?

a. Doubloon

b. Exciting

c. Macaroni

d. Overtone

e. Sky Pilot

f. Ticklish

6. Edwin Godwin Puzzle Chapter 4 #7

Which word comes next in the sequence?

Alpha, Climb, Magic, Bead, ?




7. Ch. 2 #7

Which word comes next in the sequence?

Alter, Eagle, Igloo, Orange, ?


Union Travel

8. Ch. 5 #36

Which word comes next in the sequence?

Waltz, Hairy, Index, Marrow, ?





  1. Warehouse because it doesn't have the word "the" in it.

  2. c. beliefs

  3. b. trick

  4. Elevator because the words are all alternating consonant/vowel or vowel/consonant

  5. Exciting because each word begins with the last letter of the previous word

  6. Spare because the last letter of each word forms an alphabetical sequence

  7. Union because the first letter of each word forms a sequence of vowels in order

  8. Yugoslav because the last letter of each word from a reverse alphabetical sequence

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