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Brain Games Puzzle Challenge Rhyme Time

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Find a pair of words that rhyme that fit the following phrases.

  1. Designated writer for the clan

  2. Put the cheddar on ice

  3. Shy lad

  4. Survey of mythical bridge-dwellers

  5. Combine colors

  6. Wealthy tattletale

  7. Fools soldiers

The next ones are from Kappa's Giant Book of Variety Puzzles Volume 9 (2010)

8. Cruise vacation

9. Big pot of Cajun food

10. Most wonderful visitor

11. Wealthy Sorceress


1. Tribe scribe

2. Freeze cheese

3. Coy boy

4. Troll poll

5. Fuse hues

6. Rich snitch

7. Dupes troops

8. Ship trip

9. Jumbo gumbo

10. Best guest

11. Rich witch

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