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Bull's Eye 20 Questions Car Models by Eric Berlin

Which car model's name...

1. ... describes DeSoto, LaSalle, and Cadillac? Explorer (Ford)

2. ... contains all five vowels? Sequoia (Toyota)

3. ... contains a word meaning a "group of three"? Patriot (Jeep)

4. ... spells another word reading backward? Regal (Buick)

5. ... contains four letters that are also Roman numerals? Maxima (Nissan)

The Roman numerals are I, X, and M.

6. ... becomes a word meaning "rebellion" when you add the letters RE to the front? Volt (Chevrolet)

7. ... begins with a state abbreviation and ends with a different state abbreviation? Corolla (Toyota)

8. ... is a homophone for a three-dimensional shape? Taurus/torus (Ford)

9. ... has its letters in reverse alphabetical order? Sonic (Chevrolet)

10. ... begins with the name of a popular singer? Cherokee (Jeep)

Cher is the popular singer.

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