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Canadian Word Relation Exam Questions

This is from a Canadian Public Service Exam book I got for fun when I was browsing an Indigo bookstore near Vancouver.

Pairs that relate the most directly to a single concept are bolded.

GRT (Graduate Recruitment Test) #21 with modifications

a. Diocese- Province

b. Pill- Solve

c. Vitamin- Maintenance

d. Disease- Cure

e. Leader- Chaos

GRT #22 with modifications

a. Clever- IQ

b. Conceit- Arrogance

c. Neglectful- Skittish

d. Courageous- Intelligent

e. Hopeful- Perseverance

GRT #31 with a modification

a. Justice- Blindness

b. Honesty- Truth

c. Intelligent- Creative

d. Colorful- Hypnotizing

e. Sheltered- Guided

Try these on your own.

GRT #44 with modifications.

a. Thought- Dream

b. Creativity- Intelligence

c. Mind- Soul

d. Interior- Decorating

e. Nihilist- Existence

GRT #45 with modifications

a. Shyness- Painful

b. Captivity- Suffering

c. Insecurity- Confidence

d. Hero- Stoic

e. Cool- Cucumber

GRT #20 with a modification

a. Hair- Bun

b. Deception- Liar

c. Sibling- Brother

d. Courage- Hero

e. Tools- Tradesmen

GCT (General Competency Test) #57 with modifications

Apple, cat, enigma, giraffe....

a. Intelligent, handsome, kind

b. Insane, kitten, monkey

c. Illuminate, kitchen, light

d. Handsome, illuminate, joke

GCT #58 with modifications

Apple, car, bat, dingo, cover, engine

a. Digit, Enigma, Finger, Hot

b. Doll, Cab, Bridge, Enigma

c. Dent, Fox, Elbow, Goose

d. Fan, Elephant, Damage, Gas

Answers: GRT #44 a. Thought- Dream because thought and dream are both activities of the mind.

GRT #45 c. Insecurity- Confidence because insecurity and confidence are both feelings expressing ideas of self-worth.

GRT #20 c. Sibling- brother because they are synonymous and refer to a single concept.

GCT #57

b. Insane, kitten, monkey because each word begins with a letter two after the first letter of the previous word in alphabetical order

GCT #58

c. Dent, fox, elbow, goose because there are two sequences. The first sequence is an alternating alphabetical sequence with each word starting with the letter a, b, c, d, ... etc. The second sequence is also an alternating sequence with each word starting with the letter c, d, e, f, ... etc.

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