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Dell Classic Puzzles Matchmaker

Fill in the missing first letter of each word and figure out which of the words above fit with it.

Anthem, Apple, Burgundy, Drop, Electricity, India, Nut, Red, Role, Sew, Shellfish, Tiller

  1. -rance

  2. -ational

  3. -nderstudy

  4. -lluminate

  5. -upee

  6. -lmond

  7. -ain

  8. -reen

  9. -eedle

  10. -impet

  11. -anana


  1. France- Burgundy

  2. National- Anthem

  3. Understudy- Role

  4. Yacht- Tiller

  5. Illuminate- Electricity

  6. Rupee- India

  7. Almond- Nut

  8. Rain- Drop

  9. Green- Red

  10. Needle- Sew

  11. Limpet- Shellfish

  12. Banana- Apple

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