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Dell Official Variety Puzzles April 2022 Something in Common

In each of the following pairs of words, the two groups have something in common. For example, if pine trees and ice cream parlors were given, their "something in common" would be cones. Figure them out.

  1. moth-eaten sweaters and bagels

  2. lollipops and packages of chewing gum

  3. cactuses and knitters

  4. pecan trees and hardware stores

  5. devil masks and orchestras

  6. scuffed shoes and graded tests

  7. armies and scuba divers

  8. fish and dieters' bathrooms

  9. remote controls and blouses

  10. golf balls and Jennifer Garner


  1. holes

  2. sticks

  3. needles

  4. nuts

  5. horns

  6. marks

  7. tanks

  8. scales

  9. buttons

  10. dimples

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