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Dr Rational Word Challenges- Everything Word Games Challenge Book

  1. Dr. Rational likes Alaska but not Hawaii, Panama but not Belize, and alfalfa but not hay.

Does Dr. Rational like anagrams or cryptograms?

2. Dr. Rational likes states but not cities, graphing but not drawing, and exercise but not aerobics.

Does Dr. Rational like Indiana or Ohio?

3. Dr. Rational likes slate but not writing, to steal but not to cheat, and teals but not blues.

Does Dr. Rational like tales or stories?

4. Dr. Rational likes nuts but not popcorn, Bob but not Joe, and rats but not mice.

Does Dr. Rational like good or evil?

5. Dr. Rational likes crypts but not values, rhythm but not beat, and myths but not stories.

Does Dr. Rational like hymns or songs?

6. Dr. Rational likes janitors but not cleaners, decaf but not coffee, and novices but not beginners?

Does Dr. Rational like jadeite or augite?


  1. Anagrams because all the words he likes have 3 a's

  2. Ohio because he likes words that start and end with the same letter

  3. Tales because he likes words that are anagrams of each other

  4. Evil because he likes words that are words when read forward and backward (nuts-stun, Bob-Bob (palindrome), rats-star)

  5. Hymns because he likes words that have the letter "y" in them

  6. Augite because he likes words that start with abbreviations for months (Jan-January, Dec- December, Nov- November, and Aug- Augite).

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