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Even More Dell Word Puzzles

Updated: May 23, 2021

The bolded words are related to nature and are in the following sentences.

  1. When, ripe a nutmeg kernel is grated and used as a spice. (peanut)

2. A lengthy bridge spans the Narrows between Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York. (hybrid)

3. The White House lawns and shrubbery are very well kept. (rubber)

4. Severe drought causes a melon to wither on the vine. (sesame)

5. Competent surgeons will employ sterilized instruments. (oyster)

6. Visitors to South Africa's Kruger National Park stand in awe as elephants roam free.


The bolded words are fabrics and are hidden in the following sentences.

  1. When you're hungry, the lunch line never seems to move. (linen)

2. Customs procedure presents no problems to a travel veteran. (velvet)

3. Even though we have a small garden I manage to grow plenty of salad vegetables. (denim)

4. Herman usually eats too much if fondue is on the menu. (chiffon)

5. Kathy always asks for two olives in her martini. (wool)

6. According to Erica, licorice is less fattening than chocolate. (calico)

7. An infected tonsil kept Mindy out of school for a week. (silk)

8. If I sleep on that old cot tonight, I'll have a back ache tomorrow. (cotton)

Choose two words from the group at the right, that when put onto the dashes, form one long word.

  1. -----U----- Lip, Rate, Sat, Tent

  2. ------E----- Tin, Wish, Art, Bull

  3. ------T------ Rule, Pan, Her, Lore

  4. ------P------ Hire, End, Tear, Sap

Replace the two letter sequence at the end with a letter in the following words to form a new word.

  1. S o c i a l Pe

  2. H a r a s s Ne

  3. F i n a l e Nc

  4. D i r e c t Al

  5. S t a t i c On

  6. A v e n g e Ra

  7. T r o u p e Bl

  8. B e r a t e Op


  1. Saturate

  2. Bulletin

  3. Panther

  4. Sapphire

1. Special

2. Harness

3. Finance

4. Dialect

5. Station

6. Average

7. Trouble

8. Operate

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