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Everything Unscramble Puzzles

A. Unscramble the following phrases or words to make California cities.

  1. Ocean Smart

  2. Legal Noses

  3. Casino Francs

  4. As Jones

  5. Diagnose

B. Unscramble the following phrases or words to make Canadian cities.

  1. Too Torn

  2. Term Loan

  3. Nova Curve

  4. Racy Gal

  5. Pine Wing

C. Unscramble the following phrases to make Texas cities.

  1. All Sad

  2. Shout On

  3. Is A Nut

  4. Anoint A Son

  5. So Pale

Bonus: What islands are traumas and gags a opal scrambled?

Answers: A. 1. Sacramento

2. Los Angeles

3. San Francisco

4. San Jose

5. San Diego

B. 1. Toronto

2. Montreal

3. Vancouver

4. Calgary

5. Winnipeg

C. 1. Dallas

2. Houston

3. Austin

4. San Antonio

5. El Paso

Bonus: Sumatra and Galapagos

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