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Factors Influencing Creative Genius according to The Geography of Genius

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

- "psychosocial demands"- time, workspace, communication channels, stimulating experiences and environments which they may have to move to, and access to audiences, according to psychologist David Harrington

- "diversifying experiences" or "highly unusual and unexpected events or situations that push individuals outside the realm of "normality." (Dutch psychologist Simone Ritter)

- Causes us to develop greater "cognitive flexibility" or the ability to see the world around us with fresh eyes and in different ways

- Being able to connect idea from different disciplines

- Janusian thinking- "actively conceiving two or more opposite or antithetical ideas, images, or concepts simultaneously." This is like dialectical reasoning without the synthesis of opposing ideas but rather accepting their incompatibilities.

- "Homospatial thinking"- conceiving of two or more disparate ideas in the same mental space, according to psychiatrist Albert Rothenberg

- Kinetic energy that can be chaotic and turbulent due to various odd and/or challenging events and situations and randomness can spur creativity

- This results in more visionary ideas and the collisions of these incompatible juxtapositions and images can spur creative genius via turbulent kinetic energy.

- Having diffused attention, which involves being both focused and focused at the same time or showing "detached attachment"

- Being restless, which lowers arousal and defocuses attention

- This makes it more likely to get "unintentional inspiration," which drives creative achievements

- Being in urban places with a high population density since there are more potential opportunities for interaction

- Being in places that are more receptive and open to new ideas and ways of doing things

- The intermingling of rival, conflicting ideologies can form completely new ones.

- Superfluity- the willingness to pursue hunches that might turn out to be dead ends

- Backtracking- returning to the supposed dead ends and giving them a second look


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