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Fun Word Puzzles from Ruth Rice

Updated: May 12, 2021

Alternative definitions:

Pasteurize- beyond your field of vision

Protein- in favor of teenagers

Lagoon- A French hoodlum (could be Spanish too)

Curate- the speed with which a doctor gets you over your disease

Lunatic- moon clock

Silicon- a giddy convict

Motorcycle cops- Cyclops

Automat- A rug for a car

Discover- The CD is finished

Streamline- path of a brook

Vanguard- bumper for a vehicle

Carnation- Auto land

Crosswords- angry speeches

Shamrock - fake stone

Ozone- nothing section

Padlock- Fastener on a writing tablet

Grimace- Serious pilot

People expressways- sidewalks

Aerodynamic personnel decelerator- parachute

Audiovisual electronic troubleshooter- TV repairman

Educational edifices- school bildings

A car in a desert- caravan

A car in an amusement park- carousel

A few rhymes

An astronaut- space ace

Writer for a group of Native Americans (reworded to be more PC)-

Tribe scribe

Body repairman for cars- fender bender

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