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General Knowledge Odd One Out Questions

Updated: May 7, 2021

Courtesy of The Great Big Book of Pencil Puzzles by Selma and Jack Orleans.

Saudi Arabia, Angola, Kenya, Gabon, Nigeria

The right answer is Saudi Arabia because it's the only country not in Africa.

Mediterranean, Caspian, Persian, Baltic, Yellow.

Persian refers to a gulf while the others all refer to seas.

Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon

They're all in Canada but the Yukon is a territory while the rest are provinces.

Lincoln, Mercedes, Chrysler, Cadillac, Oldsmobile

Mercedes is the only non-American car on this list.

Datsun, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Opel

Opel is the only non-Japanese car on this list.

Magic, spell, charm, sorcery, astronomy

Astronomy is the only scientific field on this list.

R Gupta's Verbal Reasoning Exercise 3B #92

Nephrology, entomology, astrology, mycology, pathology

Astrology is the only non-scientific field on this list. The other fields are all related to biology.

Viva Verbal Reasoning Exercise 1 #18

Political Science, History, Philosophy, Physics

Physics is the only field from this list that is not in the humanities.

R Gupta's Verbal Reasoning Exercise 3E #59

Pathology, histology, hematology, archaeology

Archaeology is the only choice unrelated to medicine.

3D #40

Typhoid, Measles, Hysteria, Influenza

Hysteria is the only non-contagious disease.

3B #84

Radium, Thorium, Sodium, Polonium, Uranium

Sodium is the only non-radioactive element.

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