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Hidden Capital Cities, Authors and Math Terms

Names of European capital cities are hidden in the following sentences and bolded.


1. When he heard the firework, Amos cowered in the corner. (Moscow)

2. Even after all the rain we've had, my parasol is bone-dry. (Lisbon)

3. We had fun at the gala, then Sue ruined it by starting a fight. (Athens)

4. James was mad, ridiculing the referee like that. (Madrid)

5. After the paras did the jump, a risk assessment was made. (Paris)


Names of authors are concealed in the following sentences and bolded.

1. A typical graduate of Vassar treasures her alma mater. (Sartre- existentialist philosopher)

2. I was told that a zircon radiates as much light as a diamond. (Conrad- author of Heart of Darkness)

3. I call my mother's smart sibling Uncle Mensa. (Clemens- Mark Twain's real name)

4. The prototype of a racer van tested out rather well. (Cervantes- author of Don Quixote)

C. Math terms are hidden in the following sentences and bolded.

1. He gave his pet serpent a gondola ride. (pentagon)

2. Did the kind entomologist pamper centipedes? (percent)

3. The scholarship includes tuition but does not cover textbooks. (vertex)

4. It is rumored that Capri men often marry Naples women. (prime)

5. He drove his new Mustang entirely too recklessly. (tangent)

6. Groucho and Harpo were two of the Marx brothers. (power)

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