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Hidden Car Models and Modes of Transportation- Edwin Godwin and Nancy Linde

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A. There are various car models bolded in the following sentences.

  1. The zookeeper gave the chimp a large banana.

(Chevrolet/Chevy) Impala

2. This recipe calls for only one onion.

(Dodge) Neon

3. The actress made a first-class entrance.

(Nissan) Sentra

4. There are galactic areas where our starship has not traveled.

(Buick) Regal

5. Do math majors find people with a nice compass attractive?

(Volkswagen) Passat

6. I once saw a gambler fromMexico roll a seven five times in a row.

(Toyota) Corolla

7. When their oldest daughter moved out, Jeannie and Steve gave her a bureau, divan, and hutch for her new apartment. (Audi)

8. Mr. Brink told the chef, "If I ate your cooking every day, I would put on a hundred pounds." (Fiat)

9. As soon as Zoe finished her tuna sub, a rush of nausea came over her. (Subaru)

10. Mr. Ostrow was distressed when his daughter decided to join the military. "Go into the army if you must, Angie, but please wait until you're twenty-one." (Ford) Mustang

B. There are various names of vehicles found in the following sentences.

  1. At the disco, a charity raffle raised $50 for the youth club. (coach)

  2. The falling lid eradicated many of the problems. (glider)

  3. At the start rain looked like spoiling everything. (train)

  4. It was so cold we had to put rucksacks against the tent door. (truck)

  5. It was either Neil or Ryan who suggested we went for a walk. (Lorry)

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