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Hidden Cities Puzzle Bonanza- Reader's Digest Word Power pg. 109

There may be multiple hidden cities in the following sentences. They will be bolded In the first few questions, there will be only one hidden city.

  1. As you know, the Khyber links Pakistan with Tibet. (Berlin)

  2. I'm afraid the vet does not hold out much hope for Elmo's cow. (Moscow)

  3. If you ever go to Vladivostok, you must visit Uncle Volodya. (Tokyo)

  4. "Caspar," I sighed, "one suspects that the prince will not be dining with us tonight." (Paris)

  5. With his new bolt-on Meccano wings and stabilizers on springs, our manic Air Officer could strafe a duckpond from sixty yards or land on a dime. (Mecca, Cairo, Orlando)

  6. You could rely on Radu blinking as Rambo got a wig out from his mascara case and donned a pair of jodhpurs to do a passable imitation of the Loan Arranger on a horse.

(Dublin, Bogota, Caracas)

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