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Hidden Words, The Mental Agility Book

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Find words that are US cities hidden in the following sentences.

  1. When the boat reaches port, land the passengers quickly.

  2. When I saw the mob, I leaned out of the window.

  3. Don't walk so fast, Louis.

  4. "That closes the argument," said Al, lastly.

  5. In that abandoned garden, vermin and rodents ran riot.

  6. Give that bracelet you brought Ann a polishing, it will look better.

  7. His reason for being mad is only because I wouldn't work for him.

  8. Please arrange this chart for day and night work.

  9. She, Lena, Mildred, and I went together in the car.

  10. He got rent on his house six months in advance.

  11. For the ceremonies on the pier, representatives of both countries were present.


  1. Portland

  2. Mobile (Alabama)

  3. St. Louis

  4. Dallas

  5. Denver

  6. Annapolis (Maryland)

  7. Madison (Wisconsin)

  8. Hartford (Connecticut)

  9. Helena (Montana)

  10. Trenton (New Jersey)

  11. Pierre (South Dakota)

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