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IQ Gym WordPower Puzzles

Find a pair of anagrams from the list of words below.

Elatedly, Describe, Cordelia, Articled, Escribed, Tailored, Detailed, Sedately

Find a word that can go after the first word and before the second one to make new words.

Wind (. ) Vision

Mysterious and beautiful, the Phoenix was in early artistic representations with a plumage of five colors

One word has been removed from the passage above. Select that word from the choices below and put it back into its correct place in the sentence.

A. resembled

B. sacred

C. signified

D. strangely

E. depicted

F. never

90. What single letter can be added to each of the above words to form new words without altering the order of the letters?

Range, Sack, Gash, Area

Test 1

17. Concept is to Notion as Preoccupation is to: Idea, Whim, Vagary, Fixation, Premise

21 Which is the odd one out?

Involuntary, Disinclined, Reticent, Compliant, Taciturn

Test 2

13 (with modifications). Virtuoso, maestro, master, neophyte, authority, pundit


5. Describe and escribed are anagrams.

63. Tunnel

73. Depicted should go in between "was" and "in."

90. N. The words are range, snack, gnash, and arena.

Test 1

17. Fixation because notion is a synonym of concept like fixation is a synonym of preoccupation.

21 Compliant because it is the only word with a positive connotation.

Test 2

13. Neophyte because it is the only word that means beginner while the others refer

to those who are experts.

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