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Mensa The Book of Total Genius Odd Ones Out

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

  1. Conformist, Orthodox, Traditionalist, Dissident, Acquiescent

  2. Supercilious, Contemptuous, Denigrating, Laudation, Depreciating

  3. Tradition, Reformation, Revolution, Innovation, Transposition

  4. Median, Mainstream, Midrib, Equidistant, Center

  5. Patter, Lingo, Index, Dialect, Idiom

  6. Premeditated, Spontaneous, Makeshift, Improvised, Impromptu

  7. Idiosyncrasy, Eccentricity, Foible, Mannerism, Philanthropy


  1. Dissident because the others refer to following rules and norms while dissidents protest and often violate them

  2. Laudation because it's related to praise while the other words are related to hate and criticism

  3. Tradition because the other words are related to change and creating something new

  4. Mainstream because the other words refer to the middle of something

  5. Index because the other words refer to types of language

  6. Premeditated because it's the only word that means planned

  7. Philanthropy because it doesn't refer to a person's quirks or behaviors like the other words

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