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Mensa Brainteasers

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Various countries around the world are hidden in the following sentences and bolded.

  1. Was Doctor Doolittle's favorite animal a glib yak? (Libya)

  2. A true optimist will never let hope rush away. (Peru)

  3. How often can a daydream come true? (Canada)

  4. Is there a health spa in this hotel? (Spain)

  5. They are going in diametrically opposite directions. (India)

  6. He owns a ranch in Arizona. (China)

  7. The foods we deny ourselves are usually tasty. (Sweden)

  8. A lack of oxygen is a major danger at very high altitudes. (Jordan)

  9. Making a foolish decision can anger many people. (Germany)

  10. He gave Caleb a nonrefundable deposit. (Lebanon)

  11. Where can one watch a decent play for less than ten dollars? (Chad)

  12. The barber gave my hair a quick trim. (Iraq)

  13. Do not let your ire land you in trouble. (Ireland)

  14. Attack the problem with new zeal and overcome it. (New Zealand)

  15. The names are well hidden, mark my words! (Denmark)

In the next set, various North American cities are hidden in the following sentences and bolded.

  1. If the book were to receive a final ban, you wouldn't find it in the library. (Albany)

  2. The politician thought he could coax academics into endorsing him. (Oaxaca, Mexico)

  3. When I play in a combo, I seldom have time to study. (Boise)

  4. He met with the senator on top-secret matters. (Toronto, Canada)

  5. He claimed he once showed Mel Ott a way to improve his hitting. (Ottawa, Canada)

  6. According to history books, the Clermont really did run on steam.

(Montreal, Canada)

7. We were not deceived by his trickery. (Reno)

8. He won a gold medal last year. (Dallas)

9. Some liquids can harden very quickly. (Denver)

10. When I eat salami, am I doing myself harm? (Miami)

11. The investor was looking for land on Main Street. (Orlando)

12. Do you know how far gold prices have increased during the past twenty years? (Fargo, North Dakota)

13. Does the pier reach at least a hundred yards past the shoreline?

(Pierre, South Dakota)

14. Is the Big Mac on the list of North America's top ten fast foods? (Macon, Georgia)

Some wisecrack remarks.

  1. Q: Is there a Target in this mall?

A: The sporting goods store's archery department should have one

2. Q: Have you ever eaten a vegetarian meal on a plane?

A: Yes, and I've eaten them on curved surfaces, too.

3. with a personal modification

Q: Does the lingerie department have pink slips?

A: Probably not as many as boss tournaments in Need for Speed Undercover.

4. Q: Have you ever seen a black carnation?

A: Yes, when the only auto anyone could buy was a Model T.

5. also with a couple personal modifications

Q: Did your boyfriend bring you flowers yesterday?

A: Yes, white, whole wheat, and some gluten-free ones like almond, rice, and oat.

6. Q: Have you found the solution yet?

A: Yes, and it's 1 percent salt and 99 percent water.

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