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Mensa Geography Puzzles

In the following sentences, fill in the blank with a city in the state mentioned at the end.

Ex 1:

Are these books about anthropology and the search for the missing -------- Nebraska?

Lincoln (link in)

Ex 2:

Do children's shoe stores carry all the widths from a girl's triple A to a ------- in Idaho?

Boise (Boys E)

  1. How many --------- Ward stores were in Alabama?

  2. Did the insurance salesman try to ------ and Pa a new policy in Alabama?

  3. Is it legal to se a ------ de plume in Alaska?

  4. Do people who want to get married in ------- they need to book a catering hall well in advance in Alaska?

  5. Are shoppers allowed -------- long time in store windows in Kansas?

  6. Is there any place to land a -------- jet in New Hampshire?

  7. Would a latter-day Noah ever try to build a ------- in New Jersey?

  8. Do office supply stores usually have -------- machine pricing in Virginia?

  9. modified Would anybody understand me if I --------- vernacular in Washington?

  10. Is it easy for high school seniors to find a prom -------- Ohio?

  11. How did the --------- Powers movies do in Texas?

  12. Can ships from a foreign -------- in Oregon?

  13. Do government employees often ------- the rules in granting building permits in Oregon?

  14. Is ------- a hot month in Georgia?


  1. Montgomery

  2. Selma (sell ma)

  3. Nome

  4. Juneau

  5. Topeka (to peak a)

  6. Concord

  7. Newark

  8. Fairfax

  9. Spokane (spoke in)

  10. Dayton (date in)

  11. Austin

  12. Portland

  13. Bend

  14. Augusta

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