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Misc Sociology Questions

Updated: May 6, 2021

UGC Sociology December 2019 Paper Question #3

The symbol deals with:

  1. Transmission of a message

  2. Deviation of a message

  3. Restriction of a message

  4. Dilution of a message

UGC Sociology Question #2

Radcliffe Brown coined the term “euphoria” in order to delineate

  1. A state of equilibrium

  2. A state of chaos

  3. A state of social well-being

  4. A state of social upsurge

REA GRE Sociology pg. 223 #58

Merton refined Durkheim’s propositions by adding that the restless, aberrant behavior of delinquents was a process of

  1. Rebellion

  2. Retreatism

  3. Adjustment

  4. Anomie

  5. Dissociation

According to Merton’s theory of structural strain, the bureaucrat who rigidly adheres to rules and regulations even when they lead to inefficiency and stifle creativity is a classic example of:

  1. Innovation

  2. Conformity

  3. Ritualism

  4. Rebellion

Rituals force people to lose sight of the reason cultural goals are created and may even undermine them.

Rituals can usually be described in each of the following ways except

  1. Inventive

  2. Occurring at set times

  3. Stereotyped

  4. Stylized

CLEP Sociology Practice Test

Pg. 390 #48 Online communities were created before the rules for appropriate behavior in these virtual spaces were created. This is an example of

  1. Technology

  2. Cultural lag

  3. Culture shock

  4. Ethnocentrism

  5. Socialization

The essence of cultural lag is that technological innovations progress at a faster rate than culture or society can adapt to them. Consequently, there is a delay in when society would accept them.

Sociology Source Book Study Guide pg. 205 #14

Innovations are not accepted if they are:

Related to values people consider unfavorable

Odum and his followers use the term technicways to characterize one of the following descriptions:

Rapid technological adjustments which arise through the incidence of techniques and inventions, and their use in social life

According to Sanderson, the principal difference between science and technology concerns the :

  1. Purely utilitarian aims of technology

Physical scientists are not believed to pass moral judgment in their work.

Source Book pg. 205 #11

The airplane was not invented in the days of classical Greece because

- Their cultural base was insufficient.

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