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More Dell Word Puzzles

State the States

  1. Modern + h + electrical abbreviation + English county

  2. M + a preposition + a color + a

  3. Mother + a preposition + e

  4. Minerva, for short + ne+ a drunkard+ a

  5. Sick+ a preposition+ o + a form of "to be"

  6. R + a mortar trough + e + exists + country

  7. A bird's bill + r + to inquire + a

  8. Raw mineral + g + preposition

  9. Doing laundry + a measure of weight

  10. My own: Chemical abbreviation for Argon + singular subject pronoun + area minus the final letter+ a

Directory Dilemma

Duke & Lord- Royal Escort Service

Rivers & Brooks- Clean Water Commission

Kiss & Tell- Gossip Column Agency

Gold & Silvers- Precious Metalsmiths

Hunt & Fischer- Sportsman Magazine

Wynters & Sommers- Spice For All Seasons, Inc.

Fix the Misquotes

  1. "Rome wasn't gilt in a day" - gilt should be built

  2. "People who live in grass houses shouldn't mow homes" - grass should be glass, mow should be throw, homes should be stones

  3. "Where there's a bill, there's a pay." - bill should be will, pay should be way

  4. "Wine heals all wounds." - wine should be time

  5. "If at first, you don't succeed, dye, dye again."- dye should be try

  6. "Absence makes the heart go wander." - go should be grow, wander should be fonder

  7. "Too many looks spoil the troth." - looks should be cooks, troth should be broth

Answers to State the States:

  1. New Hampshire- modern= new, amp= electrical abbreviation, shire= English county

  2. Montana, on is the preposition and tan is the color

  3. Maine, Ma= mother, in is the preposition

  4. Minnesota, Min- Minerva, sot= a drunkard

  5. Illinois, Ill= sick, is= a form of "to be"

  6. Rhode Island, hod= a mortar trough, is= exists, land= country

  7. Nebraska, neb= a bird's bill, ask= to inquire

  8. Oregon, ore= raw material, on is the preposition

  9. Washington, washing= doing laundry, ton= a measure of weight

  10. Arizona- Ar for Argon, "I" is the singular subject pronoun, zone is another word for area, when you take away "e," you got zon

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