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More Misc Puzzles- Lonely Planet

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

1. Which one is the odd word out?

a. remote control

b. planet

c. coat

d. elevator

2. Unscramble "lilac cad" to form a classic American car

3. What is the abbreviation for an international cultural organization?

4. What is the name of the luxury train service between Paris and Istanbul?

5. Unscramble "BC Queen," heeding not northern to form a French-Canadian city.

6. Left to arrive by ship in Oregon city Which Oregon city matches this clue?

7. Same instructions as 6 - Quack is without question about to touch down in a city in New Zealand

8. Myanmar city mixed up a la Mandy

9. Unscramble "Palace care van" to figure out where US rockets are launched

10. Unscramble "Eggs inn" to figure out a medicinal plant from East Asia

11. Hand tail is an anagram of what Asian country.

Answer Key:

  1. b. planet because it doesn't have buttons

  2. Cadillac


  4. Orient Express

  5. Quebec because that's "BC Queen" unscrambled without the "n" or northern

  6. Portland

  7. Auckland because Auck is "quack" unscrambled without the "q" or question and land is "to touch down" Auck+land= Auckland

  8. Mandalay (a la Mandy unscrambled)

  9. Cape Canaveral

  10. Ginseng

  11. Thailand

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