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More Odd Word One Out Exercises

Updated: May 11, 2021

Book 2 pg. 21 #7

Which is the odd one out?

A. Testament

B. Prominence

C. Filament

D. Gravamen

E. Flamenco

F. Stamens

The right answer is prominence because it doesn't have the word "men" in it unlike the other options.

Book 1 pg. 11 #8

A. Constable

B. Abbatoir

C. Rebate

D. Combatant

E. Embattled

In constable, you see the word "tab" but in all the other words, you see the word "bat."

Book 1 pg. 2 #58

A. Bucolic

B. Diatribe

C. Latin

D. Houri

E. Jack

F. Locum

In the word Latin, there is another letter between l and n, m. In the other words, the first and last letters follow each other (b-c, d-e, h-i, j-k, and l-m).

Book 2 pg. 28 #12

Last but not least, what's the odd one out here?

a. Dim

b. Mind

c. Mill

D. Livid

E. Vim

F. Mix

G. Civil

The answer is mind because all the other words are made of solely Roman Numerals.

N is not a Roman numeral.

Norman Sullivan's Essential IQ Workout Test 4 #14

A. Barbarian

B. Tartaric

C. Rotator

D. Ionization

E. Tom-tom

F. Tormentor

G. Anticipant

In all the other words, there are two sequences of three-letter words.

They are bar-bar, tar-tar, ion-ion, tom-tom, tor-tor, and ant-ant.

Esprit, priest, respite, sprite, and stripe

Respite is the odd word out because it's the only one that's not an anagram of the other words.

Reader's Digest Level 4 Puzzle #76

Dilatory, Adroitly, Torridly, Idolatry

Reader's Digest Level 3 Puzzle #55

Madam, Tot, Sir, Deed, Rotor (I added this choice)

Sir is the odd word out because it's the only word that's not a palindrome, a word

that reads the same from left to right and vice versa.

Torridly is the odd word out because the other words are anagrams of each other.

Distinguish, Discriminate, Differentiate, Classify

All three words are synonyms except for classify.

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