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Odd One Out 6/22- Nancy Linde

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

  1. Squirrel, Fork, Buttress, Saucer

  2. Alexander, Expectations, Lakes, Tim

  3. Marriott, Greek, Garden, Potato

  4. Drof, Yellort, Adnoh, Ovlov

  5. St. Louis, Aspirin, Human feet, McDonald's

  6. Racer, Madam, Level, Civic

  7. Morse, Bar, Sergeant, Area

  8. Ocean, Radio, Heat, Silver

  9. Rho, omicron, alpha, omega, enigma

  10. Tate, Nordstrom, Getty, Hermitage, Uffizi


  1. Fork because flying can't go before it to make a phrase

  2. Tim because it doesn't make sense when paired with the word "Great"

  3. Marriott because it's not a type of salad

  4. Yellort because when scrambled, it's not a car make The others are Ford, Honda, and Volvo.

  5. Aspirin because it's not related to arches

  6. Racer because it's not a palindrome (words that reads the same forward and backward)

  7. Sergeant because it can't be preceded by the word "Code" to make a phrase

  8. Silver because it can't be preceded by the word "Wave" to make a phrase

  9. Enigma because it's not a letter in the Greek alphabet

  10. Nordstrom because it's not an art gallery. It's an expensive upscale clothing store.

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