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Puns and Games Country Puzzles

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Fill in countries to complete the following sentences to make puns.

  1. She liked neither curds ---------

  2. Not only did Frank gyp you, -------- me.

  3. My backpack is dark brown but your back -------

  4. Iran is a country between ------ and a hard place.

  5. If you can pan a pa, I can --------.

  6. My zebra's healthy but your ze------.

  7. With ------ like these, who needs enemies?

  8. A strong antibody will win over a -------- any time.

  9. Alco------- cigarettes are bad habits.

  10. On Thanksgiving, I get ------- for -------, if it doesn't have too much ------.

  11. The sun will come up when it comes up. You can't ------- sunrise.

  12. I wonder what's gotten ---------.

  13. Dad uses a ------ of sugar to ------- his coffee.

  14. I can't figure out what's causing thi------- in my arm.

  15. If ------ your neck, you'll see that her medal is fake but my hair -------.


  1. Norway (nor whey)

  2. Egypt (he gypped- cheated)

  3. Pakistan (backpack is tan)

  4. Iraq (a rock)

  5. Panama (pan a ma)

  6. Brazil (zebra's ill)

  7. France (friends)

  8. Germany (germ any)

  9. Holland (alcohol and)

  10. Hungary, Turkey, Greece (hungry, turkey, grease)

  11. Russia (rush a)

  12. India (in to ya/you)

  13. Cuba, Sweden (cube, sweeten)

  14. Spain (this pain)

  15. Ukraine, Israel (you crane, is real)

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