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Mensa Puns

  1. The home video of the children running the hundred-yard dashboard them to tears.

  2. Did the fishing network as well as the old one?

  3. The Ambassador will be Intel Aviv all of next week.

  4. Never Russia friend into making a quick decision.

  5. Though some people can't, others Canada column of numbers very quickly.

  6. Pants should never be excessively tight Norway too loose.

  7. Verification means making sure a statement Israel.

  8. The head plotter whispered, "Before you begin the Kuwait for my signal."

  9. Barbie gave Kennedy in individuality and an A in popularity.

  10. Is that a tall Taylor the truth?

  11. It's difficult to parka large car in a small space.

  12. He tried to move a heavy sofa but he couldn't budget.

  13. The captain of the shipment to sail at 5:00 A.M. but he overslept.

  14. The world traveler needs to know if tipping is a customer not.

  15. The most difficult part about being a good judge is deciding if sworn testimony is factor fiction.

  16. The days of the past Argon forever.

  17. The horse lead until the final furlong.

  18. The English restaurant had roasted Boron the menu.

  19. In this parking garage, you're only charged the Nitrate if you enter after 6:00 P.M.

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