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Puzzle Chest IQ Questions`

  1. Which of these words does not belong?

Mars, Jupiter, Orion, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Earth

2. Which of the following does not belong?

icicle, nail, cone, fork, horseshoe, arrow

3. Which of the following does not belong?

Oslo, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Beijing, Frankfurt, Prague

4. Chicago is to Illinois as Montreal is to ---------

5. Japanese is to Asian as French is to ---------

6. Which choice best completes the series?

dollar, mark, franc, peso --------

a. loot

b. change

c. ruble

d. bills


  1. Orion because it's not a planet. It's a constellation.

  2. Horseshoe because it's pointed.

  3. Beijing because it's not a European capital city. It's the capital of China.

  4. Quebec because it's the province in which Montreal is located in as Chicago is located in the state of Illinois.

  5. European because Japan is in the continent of Asia and France is in the continent of Europe.

  6. Ruble because they are all currencies. Ruble is the currency of Russia.

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