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Puzzle Paradise Hidden States

As we've done a few times in the past, find hidden states in the following sentences. Some of these sentences sound weird as they do come from a very old book, Puzzle Paradise, which was published in 1946.

  1. Did a horn and a cello come for me?

  2. About this new bride law, are you sure it concerns me?

  3. I certainly miss our intimate chats and hope they will be resumed.

  4. His own self-opinion or ego never varies.

  5. You will find dogma in every religion.

  6. The forest was made up of arbors huge, or giant trees.

  7. Please do put a handle on that old coffee pot.

  8. It is very difficult to color a doughnut.


  1. Idaho

  2. Delaware

  3. Missouri

  4. Oregon

  5. Maine

  6. Georgia

  7. Utah

  8. Colorado

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