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Sentence Sleuth #2- Nancy Linde

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

There are hidden US Cities in the following sentences that are bolded.

  1. Young Elise hid a forbidden version of the book Fifty Shades of Grey under her mattress. (Denver)

  2. To promote the health benefits of okra, Jim-Bob brought four types of gumbos to northern cities. (Boston)

  3. Mr. Bartlett saw that antique rocking chair in May but he didn't buy it at the June auction. (Juneau)

  4. When the fashion editor saw the bejeweled handbag, she exclaimed, "That's so chic! A gold bag encrusted with emeralds and diamonds. I just love it." (Chicago)

  5. "Mom, a hamster doesn't spread disease," said Stephanie, hoping to convince her mother to buy her a pet. (Omaha)

  6. After the tsunami, a million people were left homeless. (Miami)

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