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Tom Swifties- Puns and Games

The answers to the following sentences will have puns and are in the phrase "statement" Tom said -------.

  1. I'll have a hot dog.

  2. My pencil is dull.

  3. She tore my valentine in two.

  4. I'm a lion hunter.

  5. I lost my shopping notes.

  6. This river is rough.

  7. Shall I frost the cake?

  8. I hate shellfish!

  9. Pass me the cards.

  10. I need to get new glasses.

  11. My cookie is empty!

  12. I've struck oil!

  13. I want to be a doctor

  14. My radio's finally fixed

  15. "Fire!"


  1. frankly

  2. pointlessly

  3. half-heartedly

  4. pridefully

  5. listlessly

  6. rapidly

  7. icily

  8. crabbily

  9. ideally

  10. optimistically

  11. unfortunately

  12. crudely

  13. patiently

  14. ecstatically

  15. alarmingly

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