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Verbal IQ Questions

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Odd one out:

IQ Tests for School Children (Martin Lutterjohann)

  1. Secretary, locksmith, bookkeeper, foreign respondent

  2. School, church, registration office, department store

Thinking Better Practice Session Eleven

3. Banking, publishing, insurance, investing

Thinking Better Practice Session Ten

Find a related word to the three that come before.

4. Skill Capacity Talent

Motivation, Ability, Potential

Intelligence Applied Performance Questions, Robert Sternberg

5. Palmistry

a. Chemistry, geology

b. Astrology, phrenology

c. Alchemy, magic

d. Sociology, psychology

6. Greenland

a. France, Germany

b. Italy, Greece

c. Cuba, England

d. Iceland, Germany

7. French

a. German, Swedish

b. Russian, Serbo-Croatian

c. Spanish, Italian

d. Latin, Greek

8. City, county, state: Province,

a. Country

b. Universe (Personal answer choice)

c. Town

d. Government

9. Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nebraska: Germany,

a. Canada

b. Alaska

c. Monaco

d. Berlin


  1. Locksmith because it's a trade while the others are white-collar occupations

  2. Department store because it's not an institution and the only place where you can buy something

  3. Publishing because it's not related to business and finance

  4. Ability

  5. b. Astrology, phrenology because they are all pseudosciences and alternative healing methods

  6. c. Cuba, England

  7. c. Spanish, Italian because they are modern Romance languages

  8. a. Country because the answer choices increase in size and scope of locale

  9. a. Canada because the states get larger on the left side so the countries should do the same on the right side

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