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Vocab Brain Games 6/18

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

1. Test 2 #19

"The chance of exposure to the adverse consequences of future events."

Which word fits closest to the above definition?

a. Speculation

b. Danger

c. Risk

d. Worry

e. Hallucination

2. Test 6 #19

"An indirect, ingenious, and often cunning means to gain an end."

What word most closely fits the above definition?




Diversion Fraud

3. Test 5 #4- Same instructions as the above two

"An adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct."

A. Misdemeanor

B. Escapade

C. Experience

D. Venture

E. Exploration

4. Test 8 #34 with a modification

Make up four pairs of words from the following words to find the odd one.

Token Ice Green Square Salts

Peppers Cream Magic Bath

5. Test 18 #32 with a modification

Which of the following is always associated with isthmus?

a. Canals

b. Mountains

c. Ravines

d. Land

e. Cliffs

6. Place two of the four letter groups together to make a word.

Rial Syco Tuto Pant Plat

7. Test 11 #14

Post- : Later




Small Large


8. Test 11 #24

Bedrooms, Romantic, Answered, Weakened, ?

What is the next word?

Keyboard, Abdicate, Catacomb, Kilobyte

9. Test 15 #23

Which word should care on the sequence? Grumble, Eyelash, Holdall, Locknut, Tarring

a. Skimmed

b. Midland

c. Cleaver

d. Ductile

e. Graphic

f. Holiday

10. Find a word that can go before or after the following words to make a new phrase.

Triplet 57: station, home, data


  1. c. Risk

  2. Stratagem

  3. B. Escapade

  4. Token because the pairs are Ice Cream, Green Peppers, Magic Square, and Bath Salts

  5. d. Land

  6. Tutorial

  7. Large because the prefix post means later and the prefix macro means large

  8. Keyboard because each word begins with the middle two letters of the previous word

  9. Graphic because each word begins with the last letter of the previous word

  10. Base

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