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Vocab Brain Games 6/19

1. Test 21 #23

Place two of the four letter groups together to make a word.

Cial, Paci, Offi, Fise, Wars, Out

2. Test 22 #30

Which of the following is associated with lux?

a. fireworks

b. illumination

c. fountains

d. bridges

e. canals

3. Test 25 #11

Which is the odd one out?

Orb, Circle, Ring, Cylinder, Sphere

4. Test 21 #11 with modifications

Which word will carry on the sequence?

Babble, Emboss, Shekel, Loving, Guider, Ringed,?

a. Hourly

b. Guilty

c. Divest

d. Impugn

e. Franchise

5. Word: Prime

Add an E, scramble, and get a kingdom

6. Word: Organ

Add a J, scramble, and get some special language (experts often use this).

7. Word: Slide

Add an O, scramble, and get songs that were once popular.

8. Word: Canoe

a. Add a B, scramble, and get a guiding light.

b. Add a T, scramble, and get a gasoline rating.


  1. Official

  2. b. illumination

  3. Cylinder because it's not circular

  4. Divest because the last letter of each word begins the first letter of the next word

  5. Empire

  6. Jargon

  7. Oldies

  8. a. Beacon

b. Octane

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