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Who Are You? Item #64: Verbal Reasoning Assessment

  1. Dynamism is the opposite of:

a. entropy

b. electricity

c. slow

d. resistance

2. Malevolent is to spiteful as separation is to:

a. fragmentation

b. confluence

c. solidarity

d. conjunction

3. Quixotic is to eccentric as evidence is to:

a. testimonial

b. contradiction

c. disproof

d. rebuttal

4. Which is the odd one out?

a. dichotomy

b. synergy

c. complicity

d. union

5. Which is the odd one out?

a. probity

b. integrity

c. honor

d. duplicity

6. Insert a word completing the first and starting the second.

(Clue: Country) Indig (------) al


1. d. resistance

2. a. fragmentation because each word pair has two synonyms

3. a. testimonial because each word pair has two synonyms

4. a. dichotomy because the other words refer to a grouping or state of togetherness while dichotomy refers to a state of contrast or division

5. d. duplicity because the other words are synonyms while duplicity refers to lying or deceit

6. Nation (Indignation, national)

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