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Word Association Puzzles

Updated: May 10, 2021

Set #1

Find a word that could go before the following words.

Will Shortz Mind-Bending Challenge #77

  1. Goose, Oldie, Rod

  2. Book, Knife, Veto

  3. Summer, Ocean, Chief

  4. League, Dipper, Women

Set #2

Find the word that comes before for all questions in this set.

Essential IQ Workout Test 1 #9

Cel, Don, Ity, and Rot

Mensa Covert Challenge D40

Time, Watch, Life, School, Dress

Challenge D50

Sort, Man, Fine, Vent, Strict

Name a letter that can be prefixed to each of the following phrases to form a new word.

IQ Puzzle #142

- ind, - ite, - ingle, - ill

Name a single three letter word that will suffix the following words:

- close, -miss, -able, -count


Mind-Bending Challenge #77

  1. Golden

  2. Pocket

  3. Indian

  4. Little

Essential IQ Workout Test 1 #9


Mensa Challenge D40


Mensa Challenge D50


IQ Puzzle #142


IQ Puzzle #144


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